Evolon® inspires!

It feels like cotton mouldmade paper, but it’s nylon!

Evolon® AP is the next generation of non-woven microfiber paper, and it loves ink!

  • Evolon® AP can be used like canvas. Doesn’t need to be primed since linseed oil won’t hurt it. There are no layers to worry about. Foolproof for stretching.  Never sags.
  • Evolon® AP can be misted with a spray bottle to emulsify a dry medium. Then you can even draw on it.
  • Evolon® AP dries flat. Does not stretch and maintains perfect registration.
  • Even varied plate sizes leave no plate marks.  Save on copper.
  • It dampens instantly but with some inks prints well also dry.  Clay monoprinting favorite.
  • It loves ink no matter what plate you serve it on – intaglio, litho, letterpress, monoprint.
  • It can blot up to 5 times its weight of water. Perfect for dampening Japanese papers.
  • Comes up to 80” wide, one mile long.  Steam roller prints or murals anyone?
  • Always dries back rapidly and absolutely flat. However if you wring it when wet or launder it, it will turn from a sheet into a soft fabric you can sew.  Foam roll it with a fabric dye or tint it to any color.
  • Evolon® AP is archival, inert, UV resistant, tear proof and dimensionally stable.
  • Available in 168gsm, 98gsm and 58gsm. Evolon® AP is pure polyester and pure nylon and nothing else. No plasticizers, no additives, no fillers.
  • Evolon® AP is a hi-tech nonwoven split microfiber sheet with worldwide patented technology.
  • Evolon® AP allows you to gallery wrap your prints. No matte, no glass, no fuss.

Thank you for rethinking your art with Evolon® AP!
Available from Atlantic Papers

 Sizes Available Size Pack
Evolon AP 168 gsm
e16811-10 8 ½ x 11” 10 sheet
e16830 22 x 30” 1 sheet
e1630-10 22 x 30” 10 sheet
e168r80-10 80” x 10 yd. roll
Evolon AP 98 gsm
e9811-15 8 ½ x 11” 15 sheet
e9830 22 x 30” 1 sheet